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From Moscow Anna Wrobel (PAP) On Thursday evening we started to get the salary for May, but has not yet received all of it. However, we have decided to suspend hours of fasting. 9 am local time (Friday, hours. 4 am in Poland). If on Monday we will not be paid all arrears, fasting will resume – said Micheiczew.

He also informed that two participants of the hunger strike were taken to hospital, but the nine who were transferred there on Thursday. Although the hunger strike has been suspended, it’s mine operating in Wierszyno-Darasunski strike continues. Plant management has ensured that it has received 16.6 million rubles (approx. 264 thousand. USD) for the payment of salaries for May, and at the beginning of next week to decide on remuneration for June.

The miners went on strike on Tuesday, some of them then took hunger strike. Gradually they joined them, and subsequent hunger strike on Friday was attended by over 90 people. The reason for the protest arrears in payment of salaries. The prosecutor’s office has estimated that the owner of the mine, which is a group Urjumkan, owes employees a total of about 32 million rubles (over 505 thousand. USD). In 2017 years the same mine miners went on strike twice due to arrears in payment of salaries. Then the mine belonged to the company Jużurałzołoto, and later took over the group Urjumkan.

The authorities of the company held talks on granting credit, which would allow for further operations of the mine. From Moscow Anna Wrobel (PAP) March under the slogan “This is free Warsaw” went from Zygmunt’s Column, the monument of Krakow Suburb Marshal Jozef Pilsudski on the street gen. Tokarzewski-Michael Karaszewicz, stopping in front of the Presidential Palace. Protesters held up banners on which one could read, among others, “We’re going after Law and Justice”, “There is nothing eternal in the Pilsudski Square,” “Here is a man right here is free Warsaw”, “Pilsudski Square, not Kaczynski.” Preceded by a march of protest organizers and politicians. B.prezydent Warsaw, currently deputy Marcin Święcicki recalled that his presidency erected monuments including Army and the Polish Underground State, the Fallen and Murdered in the East and two monuments of Jozef Pilsudski.

As he pointed out, posing each of them accompanied by problems, for example. Architectural and financial. However, “all these things have given to solve human way, through dialogue, discussions, exchange of arguments” – zaznaczył.zobacz also approved the plan of Governor of the Smolensk monument. It is the position of the authorities of Warsaw ‘ “Monuments Smolensk should be a monument that unite us – there were killed people from all political, of all faiths, different institutions. Meanwhile, someone cares about that here there was no agreement that these monuments to build against the law, against society, against architects, contrary to public consultations “- noted Święcicki. He recalled that Pilsudski Square is an important symbol, which commemorates, among others, approx. 200 armed actions of the Polish state and the arms of John Paul II.

In his opinion monuments, which are to commemorate the victims of the Smolensk disaster “to its dimensions, size dampen those monuments.” “They have to be more than a monument to Marshal Pilsudski, higher than the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Is the idea is to grab the national memory memory to push others and dominate it with a new disaster?” – he asked the deputy. Deputy and the party’s candidate for mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski noted that the protest is not about the monument itself, only about how the PiS annexing Pilsudski Square, without any approvals and consultations, decisions. “If the ruling will itself take another squares, streets, it runs out so that local people, who are elected by you in direct elections – slowly they will have nothing to say, because the PiS government treats us in Warsaw governor, who will be making all major decisions. And it can not be consent, “- he added Trzaskowski. “Day after day, street by street and the square for square Justice unlawfully tears Warsaw its inhabitants” – the organizers of the march posted on the event page on Facebook. As examples they gave, among others, a ban on access to the area around the Sejm and Senate, and amendments to the Law on Meetings, which – as noted – “lost the right to move around the Castle Square and the Krakow suburb every 10th of the month.” “In addition, illegally, against the wishes of the residents and their choice of self-government in Pilsudski Square, stolen Varsovians under the pretext + national defense” + (!), Stand to PiS monuments, which, according to the plan of the perpetrators are socially divisive as ubiquitous as the PiS government barriers and cordons of police “- posted by the organizers. After the dissolution of the march delegation together with part of the participants laid wreaths at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Social committee build monuments of Smolensk said that the monument to the Victims of the Smolensk tragedy of 2010. is to stand on the green area between pl. Pilsudski in Warsaw, and the street. Royal, and that they started working on it. the Warsaw voices PO, however, took the position that does not agree with the construction of the monument of Smolensk on pl. Pilsudski. Mazowiecki Provincial Office reported that the province governor of Mazovia Zdzislaw Sipiera approved the construction project and gave item wolenia to build a monument to the victims of the Smolensk disaster pl. Pilsudski in Warsaw. According to the assurances of the head of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers, who previously represented the social committee for the building of monuments Jacek Sasin, a monument to the victims of the Smolensk air crash will be unveiled on April 10, while the monument b. President Lech Kaczynski autumn.

In June of 2017. Mazovia province governor Zdzislaw Sipiera filed a motion to transfer his management over Pilsudski Square, to organize celebrations on it, in this state ceremonies. In October 2017,. Then minister of infrastructure and construction Andrzej Adamczyk made the decision to transfer the site to the disposal of the governor. January 31 Mazowiecki Provincial Office reported that took over the management pl. Pilsudski – transfer protocol was signed unilaterally because the meeting was not representative of the President of Warsaw.

Town Hall noted that the case is not closed, because there is no signature of the representative miasta.zobacz also Gowin on the monument of the victims of the Smolensk disaster: it should arise indisputably »On Sunday, Vice President Michal Olszewski capital reported that the Warsaw authorities submitted in this case a reference to the Minister of Infrastructure. April 10, 2010. In the crash of the Tu-154M near Smolensk killed 96 people, including President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria, and the last president of Poland in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski. Polish delegation was heading to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre. One Amendment to the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments The Senate unanimously supported. Now the bill goes to the president. The law allows the application of EU rules on the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (Directive and Regulation MiFID2 MiFIR).

MiFID regulations are one of the largest in the history of regulatory changes that affect everything – from research to implementation of investment transactions. The new regulations are aimed, among others, indirectly to raise the level of investor confidence, reduce the risk of disruption to markets in financial instruments and reduce unnecessary costs for market participants. It is expected that the proposed solutions will increase the level of transparency for market participants and provide them with a level playing field. Among the main proposals contained in the novel it is, among others, the introduction of a new category of trading system – an organized trading platform OTF. It will serve traded bonds, structured financial products, emission allowances and derivatives. Thus – as indicated, it will be possible to ensure greater transparency and efficiency in the financial markets. The Act was also the definition of algorithmic trading, algorithmic trading definition techniques of high frequency and the definition of direct electronic access.

One of the most significant changes from the point of view of small and medium-sized enterprises is the introduction of “a new type of trading in financial instruments – an alternative system of trading in financial instruments for small and medium-sized enterprises.” “The purpose of this separation trading system and the introduction of regulations dedicated to him is to facilitate access to capital for small and medium-sized enterprises and to facilitate the further development of specialist markets that aim to satisfy their needs,” – stated in the explanatory memorandum to change. The amendment also provides for the requirements for the people sitting in the authorities of leading regulated market, and also reduces the number of management board member or supervisory board performed by one person. The EU Directive MiFID2 and MiFIR regulation to replace the current directive MiFIDl, which established a regulatory framework for the provision of investment services by banks and investment firms in financial instruments, also introduced the principles of regulated markets by market operators. This directive, among others, allowed free Europe-wide competition between stock exchanges and alternative trading systems and to enable banks to provide investment services across the European Union provided they meet certain requirements. “At the same time the financial crisis has exposed weaknesses in the functioning and transparency of financial markets, thus highlighting the need to strengthen the regulatory framework for markets in financial instruments. Therefore, the Directive MiFIDl was partially transformed into a directive MiFID2 and partly replaced by Regulation MiFIR” – informed the Ministry of Finance in support of the project story. With the justification that “the Directive and Regulation MiFID2 MiFIR together constitute the legal framework governing the requirements applicable to investment firms, regulated markets, service providers and companies to share information with third countries providing investment services or activities in the European Union”.

With this, the directive includes MiFID2 regulations governing business license, the acquisition of a qualifying holding powers of supervisory authorities of a Member State and a system of penalties. MiFIR regulation, among others, in turn, specifies the requirements for public disclosure of trade transparency data and the disclosure of transaction data to the competent authorities. (PAP) by Peter Śmiłowicz editor Jacek Ensztein This is a decision that changes the situation in Poland is very deeply. (…) Now when she had to return to the Polish justice, it would seem these 26 months actually returned justice, were rewarded with good and bad, at least they were nominated, if not punished, returning the basic standards and hierarchy of values, it suddenly came the blow, which changes the situation, unfortunately, I fear very deeply – said Macierewicz Radio Maryja According to him “from the point of view of legislation, if the president sent it to the Constitutional Court or taken a different type (action), for example during the legislative reported alternatives for individual records, then the thing could fix “.See also: Lapinski: veto the bill should not overemphasize the degradation of good cooperation with the PiS President» was the head of the Ministry of Defense estimated that in a situation when the president sent a bill to the Parliament for re-enactment, but on condition it will be 3/5 of votes, “it means if issued is in the hands of (MPs) PO, where the ratio of the matter is quite clear. ” “He took us in this way to the days + Magdalene + and + roundtable +. (..) For the military it is a complete drama, because the soldiers who regained already what the soldier is the most important – the honor and the sense of a uniform set of values, shape, value, where the independence and the struggle for independence is unambiguous (..), it is clear who fought for independence, and who was a traitor. It returned to the Polish army, now again been disrupted, now newly Mr. Jaruzelski was put on the same level General Warszyce at + +, which Inka, heroes of the struggle for independence. They all were suddenly equate with Mr.

Jaruzelski “- Macierewicz believes. The former minister said that this prevents the restoration of respect for the history and proper discernment as it should be. Referring to appeal part of the veterans of the fast, the so-called re-enactment. the degradation of the Act, he said, it will be very difficult to implement. “Fast means under the dictation of the PO. Here is required 3/5 votes, 3/5, so the president decided, that is, without the PO will not be able to adopt. The belief that the PO will be in compliance with Polish patriotism and traffic independence is unrealistic, so the president has created a situation in the present shape of the Sejm, I fear that irreversible. of course, we were looking for some solutions, but I’m afraid that this is a situation of enormous negative consequences, difficult in the present state to repair “- said the politician Law and Justice.

Macierewicz also responded to the justification for the President vetoed the law, which, among others, He pointed to the inability to provide explanations and procedures for appeals by members of the crow, who – according to the law – they lose all ranks of law. “I do not want to defend individual solutions act, perhaps they could be better, but this is not a reason to deny the entire law, and thus how it was done. There is the possibility of appeal in administrative mode is. That’s what – if I’m not mistaken – said the president, justifying its position, was connected with the fact that before the decision degradations, these people can not in accordance with these provisions to present their case why they did what they did. But it is another matter, we here do not have to deal with the process only with the decision to degradation as a result of behavior inconsistent with the honor of the Polish soldier “- said the former head of MON.zobacz also Suski: President Duda will have to work hard to regain my voice ‘” it’s not a matter of judicial decisions, it is the issue of decision of the Minister of national defense, as has always been the Polish Army in connection with the urate necessary before a person predyspoz ycji to wear such a degree after degree is a matter of honor not only something external, is also associated with the ability to command, commanding, take responsibility. The degree is a determinant in the military power structure also, and the power over life and death, with enormous consequences.


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