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This is the level of encryption used by security conscious organization like banks and the military. The encryption standard of Air VPN is unbeatable even with the most advanced modern technology. Air VPN allows five simultaneous connections per account. That means they meet up with the industry standard; you can connect up to five different devices without attracting extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About Airvpn

Now to AIR, the best I’ve used, I’ve never needed to use tech support as had no need to in months. It’s fast almost giving me almost the same speed as my fibre connection, within 7 meg or so. I have used the forum once & got a fast courteous reply. The GUI could do with a couple of additions though I have yet to use any VPN that does all I want – Stable, fast secure, easy to use & is the number one VPN without question.

Even though it’s available almost everywhere, USA users have a much bigger content variety. That’s why a lot of people use VPNs to view that kind of content via USA-located servers.

True, the OpenVPN is the most reliable and secured protocol for encrypted tunnels, and any VPN service that does not support it is not rated highly. However, most users will want access to a range of protocols because the different protocols have peculiar is airvpn safe benefits, and each can prove useful in certain circumstance. If alternative connection points is a primary concern, then the Air VPN service might just not cut it with only the OpenVPN on offer. The Air VPN service supports only the OpenVPN protocol.

Their privacy and security features are probably the best in the industry. I can’t see any other VPN coming close to this service.

Safest Vpns Of 2020

With that said, 20+ countries isn’t much in comparison to most premium VPN services. Among the regions that suffer most are Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and to a lesser extent South America, which has a couple of servers in Brasil. Judging from the promotional materials of AirVPN, it would seem that the service is a lot more concerned with security and privacy, rather than speed. Nowadays, it has expanded from its humble origins, operating over 240+ servers in 20+ countries. Yet they continue to operate in the spirit of openness – allowing users access to real-time server-monitoring data and other innovative features. It’s become a multi-platform project, available for Android and iOS devices, as well as desktop computers and popular routers. The three channels which Air VPN supports is not enough; there should be other channels to give users options.

It’s perfect for beginners, but advanced users won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for the fastest VPN for streaming, torrenting, or browsing, there are better recommendations I’d make over AirVPN. Instead, I suggest a provider with updated interfaces and timely, live chat customer support, like NordVPN or CyberGhost. AirVPN was lightning-fast, even though I was connected to a server on the other side of the globe.

The only thing that I can figure is either they don’t know how, or they are not serious enough about privacy to make this improvement. Thank you for bringing light to this issue of their customer service.

Security Leaks Protection

This keeps the OpenVPN completely safe and is accomplished using 4096-DHKs. Their servers are also unique in the sense that they have separate entry and exit IPs which prevents ports from failing. As for other securities, AirVPN uses SHA-1 for authentication and RSA-4096 for handshaking purposes. However, AirVPN’s jurisdiction in Italy which means despite their no-logging policy, the Italian government could turn over information and share it with their co-members. As for the speeds, they were pretty good for such a small network. What I liked about the client is that it would tell you the speeds and the number of users on each one, so you could pick a server that wouldn’t hurt your connection.

AirVPN is only available in 18 countries, primarily in Europe. However, there are some servers in the US , Canada and Hong Kong. So desire AirVPN not offering a lot of locations you’d think that you wouldn’t be about to unblock geo-restricted sites like Netflix and IPlayer. This client is technical and confusing but has a lot of information and options available is airvpn safe that protect you and allow you to surf the internet anonymously . The client can connect you to a server instantly and if you want more security you can lock your network strictly to the VPN. However, the issue is that the client will change your DNS setting and if the client crashes for whatever reason you will have to reset your DNS manually.

AirVPN lets you torrent to your satisfaction by allowing Peer-to-Peer connections. There are many high rated VPN services that ban torrenting on their servers; while some others that let you torrent but limit the activity. Air VPN is for you if all you need is a VPN for torrenting. Deciding which provider has the top VPN is not an easy task, but it sure is fun! We have a dedicated team of professionals who test each VPN from start to finish, measuring all of the most important features. We buy all the VPNs ourselves, use machine learning & data science algorithms, get opinions from hundreds of real users, MIT professors, internet security experts and more.

Air VPN can be used on windows, MacOS, Linux, IOS, Android, Chrome and several routers (such as DD-WRT, Tomato, AsusWRT, pfSense); the service is also compatible with the TOR network. Air VPN is simple; the downloading and installation is very easy and you will have the service on your device in no time. Their instruction may look technical and complicated; but the set up of the software is not complicated, it can is airvpn safe be done quickly and with ease. That said, if you want a service that gives you enough time to test run them via a generous money back guarantee, you will have to look beyond Air VPN. If you subscribe to any of their service and you are not totally satisfied; you can request a refund of your full payment. The only condition is that the refund must be requested within three days of making paymemt for the service.

Choosing A Zero (no) Logs Vpn In 2020

The EU keeps trying to enforce a data disclosure standard across Europe. Fortunately, the EU’s own data privacy rights usually strike these attempts down. However, this means that the requirements for traceability on the internet, and activity logging is airvpn safe by digital service providers, tend to rise and fall inside the EU. Some countries, such as Romania, have very strong civil rights legislation, which immediately quashes any government attempts at implementing EU directives on data disclosure.

The Bitcoin payments are handled by CoinBase and they also allow for a whole other list of cryptocurrencies that are handled by Coin Payments. They also offer a ton of alternative payment gateways, the most I have ever seen in fact. AirVPN truly cares about your privacy and security when it comes to payments. AirVPN is an Italian based VPN company that is one of the best when it comes to privacy and anonymity. This service was designed and built by hackers, activists, and hacktivists to make sure that the system is locked tight with all the appropriate features available.

It is hard to objectively evaluate a service based on such a meager number of reviews; hence I recommend not relying too much on these ratings. The best way to truly judge whether a service delivers on all its promises is to ask the people that have used it for an extensive period. Hence, I headed over to their Trustpilot page, as well as seeing what the Reddit community had to say about the service. In the end, I also reviewed their customer support to see exactly how user-friendly are they. Considering how the service has a Chinese server as well as offers support for torrents, I thoroughly expected that the service would be able to unblock Netflix with ease. For expat trying to watch their favorite geo-restricted content from outside China, these problems could be particularly troublesome.

This VPN puts at your disposal 245 servers in 20 countries, with a stable connection, hardly disturbed. The importance of the server/user ratio lies in the fact that a larger number of servers often means faster speeds. Unlike NordVPN and CyberGhost, AirVPN doesn’t tell you which services its servers can unlock. I’d love to see AirVPN add some more ease-of-use features in the future, like a list of servers that are optimized for streaming services. I’ve been an AirVPN user for five years, and there has never been such a limit. I found in this AirVPN review that it doesn’t have servers in China and does not work in that country. To access content available in China or any other country that has strong internet restrictions, then you better check our guide for obfuscation servers.

  • The bottom line is that Air VPN cannot be included among the very fast VPNs yet; but they had serviceable speed.
  • In the area of payment information, Air VPN is also exemplary.
  • Many services who reduce speed by 50% are considered fast.
  • Download speed is usually considered the most important by many users, and Air VPN did performed well in this regard.

They offer near-complete anonymity if you set up your setting right and collect no logs that can be used to identify you or your IP, despite the fact they are an EU-based service. There is no sign of live chat which is something that would be much appreciated but there is a ticket system and a support section with FAQs. They also have a community forum for users to ask other users VPN related questions. Overall, the customer service is a little slim and there is no mention of 24/7 support. The area that AirVPN is probably lacking is the service department. The service has hundreds of servers but they are not as dispersed as some of the other larger companies like ExpressVPN.

You will not get any deception or advertising deceit when you’re downloading and using AirVPN because they are dedicated to keeping you private and safe on the internet. They are also one of the few VPN services that can make you almost completely anonymous through the use of Tor. Similarly, the service fails abjectly when it comes to unblocking the major streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. However, there were also some users that seemed to praise the service’s P2P support as well as port-forwarding as it stands out as being among the best in the VPN market. In any case, I would advise users not to give too much weight to these reviews as this 4-star rating is a result of just 24 reviews.


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